Frequently asked questions

Below is an overview of frequently asked questions and answers per subject.


  • Submitting worked hours

    If you work through us, you submit your hours worked every week, simple and easy digitally via Helloflex. The client approves them digitally and your salary is transferred every 4 weeks. Submit your hours by logging in to My Apics.

  • Sign a contract

    Your contract with us is entirely digital so there's no need to visit one of our offices to sign your contract. You can find this by logging in to My Apics and going to contracts.

  • When are my reservations paid?

    The reservations for short-term absenteeism are paid every January and holiday pay in May. Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay these reservations earlier. The only exception is if you terminate your work, then you receive all your reservations together with your next salary.

  • Changing bank details

    If you change your bank account, you must always inform us via a telephone call. We also need a copy of your new bank card so we can make the necessary changes.

  • Copy of annual statement

    You can find your annual statement via My Apics under payslips. Can't find your payslip? Make sure the ‘see old documents’ filter is checked. Unfortunately, we can't email your annual statement to you.

  • Phase system

    If you work through us, then you work via the CLA from the NBBU. The NBBU has 3 phases:

    - Phase 1-2 have a total duration of 52 worked weeks. During this phase, the agency clause is applicable and both the client and the temporary worker can terminate the contract at any moment. For the first 26 weeks, you must give 4 days notice if you were already scheduled to work. After 26 worked weeks, the notice is 10 workdays.
    If the hirer terminates the hiring of the temporary worker, then the temporary worker agreement between the temporary worker and the temporary agency is also terminated. It is also possible to work with fixed-term contracts in these phases.

    - Phase 3 has a maximum duration of three years in which a maximum of six fixed-term agreements for temporary workers is applicable. A continuing wage payment obligation is applicable during the duration of the temporary worker agreement. Both the client and the temporary worker must give a 1 month notice.

    - Phase 4 begins when phase 3 has been completed. The temporary worker then has a right to a temporary worker open-ended agreement. Both the client and the temporary worker must give 1-3 months notice. (according to Civil Law).

    If the temporary worker no longer works via Apics Flexjobs for a minimum of 26 weeks, the phase system begins again.

  • Pension

    If you work through us, you will be registered with StiPP Pensioen. This occurs from the first day that you work via a temporary agency and when you are 18 years or older. Did you work for another temporary agency before you started working for us? Be sure to let us know straight away!

  • Safety Shoes

    If you work in a warehouse, safety shoes are generally required on the work floor. So make sure you always have your safety shoes on when you go to work. Are your shoes worn out and you need new ones? We have new shoes available to you at our offices. Always ring (hyperlink 079 820 0181) before you come so we can be sure we have your size in stock.

  • Accommodation

    Unfortunately, you cannot rent or buy a house via Apics Flexjobs.

  • Work permit

    If you do not have a European passport, you must apply for a work permit before you can work in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, it is not possible to obtain a permit via Apics Flexjobs.


  • Receiving your salary

    You receive your salary every 4 weeks for that period on Wednesdays. Want to know exactly which day that is? Check the overview below.

    Download overview

  • Salary increase

    When you will receive a salary increase depends on the collective labour agreement of the company where you work. Your team leader is the best person to answer this. Remember that the general rule at most companies is that you must have worked there for a minimum of 1 year before you are eligible for a raise.

  • Payment was too low

    Check your payslip first to see exactly what is missing so we know what we must check. You can then ring or email your contact person about this.


  • Holidays and days off

    Of course, everyone has the right to use their holiday days. We all discuss and arrange this together so that not everyone is absent at the same time. So discuss this with your supervisor as far in advance as possible. This will increase your chances of getting the days off you want.

  • How many holiday days do I have left?

    Via My Apics under 'rights', you can see precisely how many days you have left. Please ring us if you still have questions.

  • Can I have my holiday days paid instead?

    Via My Apics, you can fill in your holiday days in your declaration under 'holiday hours'. They will be included in your next salary payment.

  • When do I receive my holiday payment?

    Holidays are always paid in May.

  • Official holidays

    As of 1 January 2021, we no longer have holiday reservations, but you always get paid for the official holidays if you meet the condition. The condition is that you worked a minimum of 7 of the last 13 weeks on that day. You then get paid for the number of hours you normally work on that day.


  • Call in sick

    If you are ill, you must always ring your supervisor at the company where you work before 8 a.m. You also must let us know before 9 a.m. by ringing +31 (0)79 820 0181. This cannot be done via mail, WhatsApp or text.

  • Who pays my sick pay?

    If you work for Apics Flexjobs, we inform the UWV that you are sick and you will receive sickness benefits. Apics Flexjobs pays an additional 20% of your daily wage (determined by the UWV).

    If you work for Apics Works, then we pay your sick pay and register you as sick with our health and safety department. You will receive 90% of your average salary for the first year and 80% in the second year. Are you still sick after two years? After two years, the UWV determines whether or not you will receive WIA benefits.


  • Continued payment during illness

    The first 2 days that you are sick and were scheduled to work are called a waiting period. These days are unpaid. Were you sick and became sick again within 4 weeks? Then you will be paid from the first day.

  • When do I receive my sick benefits?

    Do you work for Apics Flexjobs B.V.? Inform the UWV that you are sick. We can pay you as soon as the UWV has determined your daily wage. Attention: It can take several weeks before the UWV has determined this! Unfortunately, we can't speed up this process.

    Do you work for Apics Works B.V.? You will be paid immediately along with the rest of your salary.

  • Healthy again

    If you have been sick, always ring your supervisor at the company where you work to let them know you will be returning to work. You also must let us know by ringing +31 (0)79 820 0181. This cannot be done via mail, WhatsApp or text.

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