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The best logistics jobs

If you're looking for a fun, varied and challenging job in logistics, then you've come to the right place. We'll search for that perfect job that suits you so you'll go to work with a smile on your face every single day.

We're always there for you

The personal touch is our top priority. You'll never be just a number; we want to get to know you and your needs. Where others stop, we go that extra mile. We can't wait to find you a fantastic job, so register now!

The best logistics companies

We only collaborate with companies that share the same vision as Apics Flexjobs. This means they treat you right, give you the attention you deserve and make sure you're happy with your workplace.


Jouw sollicitatiegesprek opvolgen? Dat doe je zo!

15 mei 2023

Het opvolgen van een sollicitatiegesprek is een belangrijk proces in jouw zoektocht naar een nieuwe baan. In onze blog vertellen we jou alles wat je moet weten over het opvolgen van jouw gesprek!

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Werken als orderpicker? Wij vertellen alles over deze functie!

8 mei 2023

Werken als orderpicker kan een uitdagende maar ook belonende baan zijn. Als orderpicker ben je verantwoordelijk voor het verzamelen van producten en goederen die klanten hebben besteld.

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Uitzendbureau logistiek, wij helpen jou aan personeel!

1 mei 2023

De logistieke sector is een belangrijk onderdeel van de economie. Wij vertellen je alles over uitzendbureaus in de logistieke sector. Lees vooral onze blog!

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Are you looking for a good company, where you can work for a longer period, in a friendly team where you earn a good salary and preferably at a logistics company? Stop searching! We have an extensive client base of logistics companies with the best and most diverse logistics vacancies.
So whether you like driving a forklift, production work or enjoy doing a little bit of everything in the warehouse, we've got it all.

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No longer want to have to worry about finding new and reliable personnel? Then you've found the right place. Because we'll do it for you! We can react fast, so we can ensure you get suitable candidates in the shortest amount of time. We supply high-quality personnel with experience who can't wait to get started and meet all of your criteria.

How Apics Flexjobs helps your company find the best personnel

Apics Flexjobs

Every day our goal is to make the best matches between our candidates and our clients. We know both parties like no other, so leave that to us. Thanks to our years of experience in logistics we know what our clients and candidates need and how we can best help them.

Meet the Apics Flexjobs team

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