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In addition to logistics flex workers, we also help students or new graduates of a logistics course. Our students work for you while they're finishing their course or full-time. Your company can profit from their knowledge while they can continue to evolve and develop with you.

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Looking for students?

Students or new graduates of a logistics course are full of energy and new knowledge and are very motivated to start applying this in the real world. We have students from all the logistics courses, from MBO Logistics Employee to HBO Supply Chain Management and everything in between!

We are more than happy to visit you on-site to view the workplace and discuss the function and conditions. We'll then get straight to work so we can let you know within a week which interested students we've found for you. Next, we'll plan interviews for you with these students so you can choose which student you feel fits best in your company.

You can offer these students a contract directly or hire them through us.

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Would you like to request a student or need additional information? We will contact you as soon as possible