6 Reasons to work in logistics

15 augustus 2022

Who wouldn't want to work in logistics? It is an industry that is always on the move. Not only to transport goods, but also to make work easier. Think of the use of robots to make the work easier.

Logistics is everywhere
We've said it before, but logistics is all around you. From the products in the supermarket to your clothes to your smartphone. Everything has been brought to where you are by a logistic process. That is why there are so many jobs in logistics. Here you will find all vacancies in logistics.

Anyone can work in logistics
Logistics is for everyone and you don't have to be strong to work in it. There are order pickers who pick small products and forklift truck drivers who transport heavy packages. Increasingly, robots are also taking over the work, and these have to be operated and controlled by operators. You need to use your head more than your muscles for that!

Always work
If you order a package from a web shop in the evening, it will often say that you have to order before a certain time and that the package will be delivered to you tomorrow. To make this happen, the logistics department works day and night. This is ideal if you don't want to work from 9 to 5, but rather in the evenings, nights or weekends. In addition, this is done from various locations and therefore many jobs and people are needed to do this work. 

Supplements = more money
Working in the evenings, nights and weekends has another big advantage, namely supplements! Depending on the day and time you work, this can even be 100% of your normal hourly wage. Who wouldn't want to get a double hourly wage?

Since there is so much work in logistics, you can always take a step up if you want to. For example, you can get your forklift certificate. You could start at a company as an order picker and eventually become a forklift truck driver. Or even as a coordinator or team leader if you have the ambition to do so. Did you know that you can also obtain certificates through us, for example for your forklift truck? View all our training courses here. 

Why wait?
If you weren't convinced about working in logistics before this blog, you certainly are now! So why wait any longer to take the step towards your new logistics job? Take a look at all our logistics vacancies.

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